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Affordable Hosting

Bringing Web Hosting Back Down to Earth
Affordable Hosting - By Asterisk Web Design

Every web site needs a place to call home and Asterisk Hosting Services provides a 5-star hotel for a 2-star price. Combining website, email, and e-commerce hosting with analytics, database and spam software, Asterisk can make your website work for you.

Analytics to Help Hone Your Message and Target Consumers
1GB Quota10 Email Accounts
3GB BandwidthUnlimited Email Lists
10 FTP Accounts"Web Mail - POP3, IMAP, SMTP"
10 Sub DomainsEasy Web-Based File Manager
6 Parked DomainsSite Statistics
6 Max Addon DomainscPanel 11 Control Panel
Shared IPCMS Ready
Unlimited DatabasesMySQL 5.0.x
SSH / SFTP AccessSpam & Virus Protection
PHP 5.2.6"Free Blogs, Forums, and More!"
Ruby 1.8.7 & Ruby On Rails 2.1 
Basic Package Plus...Unlimited Sub Domains
3GB QuotaUnlimited Parked Domains
5GB BandwidthUnlimited Max Addon Domains
Unlimited FTP AccountsUnlimited Email Accounts

Raw data on who who visits your site and for how long is invaluable in determining whether your site is effective in delivering the right message to potential customers. All hosting packages come with several data mining programs so you can collect the information you need to make good decisions.

The Right Plan To Suit Your Individual Needs

While many of the large hosting companies offer competitive deals, they don't offer to pinpoint and deliver exactly what you require. Asterisk Web Design can. By creating a package deal that fits your goals, Asterisk Web Design won't give you a bunch things you don't need, just the things you do.

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Advanced Site Management

Within cPanel, you have all the tools you need to create an impressive web presence. You can add mail accounts, access files, add a blog and a whole lot more. With cPanel you have access to a huge variety of hosting features that can put your web site on the map!

Service Plans So you Don’t Have To Do A Thing
Basic Package Plus...On-Call Support
Free maintenance, up to one hour per month.
Service limited to site development only.

The best web site is the one you don’t have to think about. Asterisk Web Design can take care of the whole kit and kabootle with a Web Hosting and Maintenance Plan. This money saving plan will help reduce your overall maintenance cost and allow you freedom to change or adjust your message as your company grows. View plan details

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