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Van Every Construction

Van Every Construction is the premiere foundation and drainage specialists in the Oakland/East Bay area.  For 35 years, Van Every Construction's commitment to safety, quality and lasting relationships has helped the build a referral-based clientele. 

The goal of the site was simple: have a site that fit their business.  Ultimately, they chose to utilize one of our pre-designed templates, the most affordable way to get a great looking site up and running.   They also utilized the customization service to adjust the colors of the site to match their logo... a wise choice indeed. 

Services Page

A list of all of the services Van Every Construction provides for their clients. This is a good example of balance between images and text. While the image helps support the text, it does not overpower the page so that the copy becomes uneccessary.

Why Choose Page

It is important to know why pick one company over another and Van Every Construction has many compelling reasons. Therefore, it was important to have those listed on one page so a potential client can be more informed when they make their final decision.

Residential Listings Page

A listing of previous projects in one category.  In this case, the residential properties are shown.

Individual Property Page

An individual property page. 

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